About Us

What is “Warong”?

“Warong” is an Indonesian word that means a small family-owned cafe or restaurant. Although the warong-trade originated in Indonesia, it has become a culture pervasive across the Malay Archipelago of South-East Asia spanning Singapore, Malaysia and beyond.

What is Warong Culture?

Warong Culture is a FREE website directory for hawker food stalls in Singapore. Its conception is inspired by the desire to help small hawker businesses to be part of the digital economy. For many stall holders, the food trade is their only skill and the only source of income. Many may not have the tech-savvy to register onto food delivery platforms or launch their own e-commerce websites. The hawker food stall trade depends heavily on passerby traffic and on-site dining. This means remote work-from-home arrangements that emerge from COVID-19 safety measures have significantly reduced customer footfall for these stalls.

Warong Culture receives and lists information about hawker food stalls exclusively via contribution and submission from the community. If you know of any hawker food stall that may benefit from this listing, please submit their details to us.

Thank you for caring.

The Warong Culture Team