Warong Culture is a FREE website directory listing for hawker food stalls in Singapore. It is created to help hawker food stalls gain website presence and an opportunity to reach the remote audience.

No, Warong Culture is not a food ordering platform. It only lists and shows information about hawker food stall businesses. This information may help internet users to search for hawker food in their locality. If the user wishes to order the hawker food, they may do so by contacting the food stall proprietor directly.

No, Warong Culture does not handle any commerce and payment transactions between the food customer and food seller. Warong Culture is not involved in the business dealings between the customer and seller. The food customer must contact the food seller directly to order, pay for and receive the food items.

Warong Culture receives and lists information about hawker food stalls exclusively via contribution and submission from the community.

It will take 5 to 7 working days for the submitted hawker food stall to be listed or updated. This may take longer depending on the amount of submissions received.

Warong Culture will do our best to list as many hawker food stalls as possible. However, Warong Culture has no obligation whatsoever to list all hawker food stalls submitted.

No, Warong Culture does not verify or accredit these listings. Warong Culture does not make any recommendation or give any acknowledgement to the quality of food or business standing of the hawker food stall.

Internet users and customers are responsible for verifying hawker food stall information on their own, and purchase the food at their own risk.

Warong Culture depends wholly on community feedback to send and make requests for information about any particular hawker food stall to be updated.

Warong Culture will do our best to make these updates or changes. However, Warong Culture has no obligation whatsoever to address or make all updates submitted.